"To reorient technical education, which shall be relevant to the real modern world of work, attractive & suitable to the student, responsive to the modern world industry and connected to the community / society at large".

There is a conventional reason to our unconventionality. Modern business demands quickness of mind and action. System by themselves don't deliver, people do. As people led skills and initiatives like spirit, flexibility delegating responsibilities etc. and leaders at every level. ITI Jind is initiating training and research towards the need of all the sectors and establish the link between the national economic planning and development through skilled workforce require for different industrial oragnisation on our Country. As a training institute our vision is to develop a three dimensional personality in our student Viz

Pursuit the knowledge in technology
Commitment to economic, social upliftment of masses
Cultivation of taste to technical education.


The movement we succeed we shall turn out barefoot leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to the masses and are so urgently needed by the modern business world.So our edge is knowledge, informal culture, youthful spirit and to bring the people together who done & give them room not in square feet but to dream in open space & Sky is the limit.what we achieve, till the best is yet to be